The Rojava Revolution and the International Struggle

Rojava Solidarity NYC will be presenting at the 11th annual NYC anarchist bookfair in the Garden Room!

The revolution in Rojava is the most successful anarchist-inspired political movement of our time. As such, it has created a new paradigm for social change. It has developed unparalleled models for self-governance through local councils, pragmatic feminism, and generalized self-defense. For anarchists in an increasingly material battle against white supremacist society there is much we can learn from the political success in Rojava.
As facts on the ground are changing day to day in Northern Syria, we will give an update about the current geopolitical conditions in the region, and what it means for the revolution. We will also look at the revolutionary bodies and models in practice in Rojava.Finally, as many comrades flock to the region in defense of the revolution, and to expand its influence, we will look at the best ways to support them and the ongoing struggle towards liberatory social organization.

Tmrw 1230pm
NYC Anarchist Bookfair
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square Park