The Challenge: How Should We Organize?

Ever since the early days of capitalism, people have been trying to organize against it. It is obvious to most of us capitalism is bad even though we can’t agree on much else. Many organizations have tried to defeat capitalism with few finding solid answers. And now, how should we respond? Should we even be organizing? What could be the answer?

The challenge is meant to bring out whatever knowledge one may have of the subject (in this case organizing) and try to apply it (in this case see if other people at the event would like to organize in that way or if it will be effective for destroying capitalism.) We will do that by playing games and having conversations to clarify our organizational positions and see if they are worth trying.

This event is meant to target organizational methods and theories to find a better way of challenging capitalism. It is not a way to teach or impose one organizational method or theory to follow. Through the practice of challenging we can raise the stakes on what we already know to reach a breakthrough for our anti-capitalist activities. All are welcome to come and challenge or be challenged.

This event is hosted by the Grimalkin Cat Collective

Saturday, 8/11