The Arab Spring and the Rojava Revolution: RAM Study Group

his week we are looking at the Arab Spring and the Rojava Revolution. We want to examine the importance of the insurrectionary moments in the Middle East, the successes and failures, and what to take away for our context here. Furthermore, we want to look at the Syrian Revolution and the eventual civil war that engulfed the uprising. It is in this context we will also examine the Rojava Revolution. The insurrectionary process in Syria left an opening and the Kurdish Freedom Movement, after decades of revolutionary struggle, was able to push their project to an unprecedented degree. In each of these moments we want to question the nature of revolution, the importance of organization, the militarization of struggle, and the future of international solidarity.

First text:

“Critical Discussion on Armed Struggle with Anarchists in Rojava.”


Second text:

Syria from Revolution to Civil War

Fri, April 12th