The Revolutionary Abolitionist Reader
Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School

Anarchism in the Middle East: The Rojava Revolution
Rojava Solidarity NYC

Free Nasser Nawajah
Brooklyn-Palestine Alliance

The Black Liberation Army and the Paradox of Political Engagement
Frank Wilderson

We’re Trying to Destroy the World: Anti-blackness Police Violence After Ferguson
Frank Wilderson

And We Will Still Be Ready To Storm The Heavens Another Time: Against Amnesty
Alfredo Bonanno

Armed Joy
Alfredo Bonanno

A Day Mournful and Overcast
The Iron Column

The Fourth World War Has Begun
Subcomandante Marcos

The Reproduction of Daily Life
Fredy Perlman

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down
Ego Te Provoco

Anti-Racist Resistance in the Trump Era

Black Fighting Formations
Russell Maroon Shoatz

The Base


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