Support Through the Walls: Vaughn 17 2nd Trial Group

This week we will be writing to the second group of Vaughn 17 defendants: Abednego Baynes, Kevin Berry, John Bramble, and Obadiah Miller. The Vaughn 17 are facing charges related to an uprising at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Feb. 2017.

Abednego Baynes, 26, and Kevin Berry, 28, were acquitted of all charges after about five days of deliberation. The jury could not reach unanimous verdicts on riot and an assault charges against John Bramble, 29. They also failed to reach a unanimous decision on murder charges and a riot charge against Obadiah Miller, 26.

We write to them to lift their spirits after a difficult process and to show support to comrades in their ongoing struggle against the tyranny of prisons.

About the Vaughn Uprising:
On Feb. 2, 2017, a riot occurred at Delaware’s James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Building C. The Vaughn 17 were protesting for very basic improvements, which had been routinely ignored. After a 20 hour stand off, the prison bulldozed their barricades and accused 17 of the incarcerated with outlandish offenses. On October 8th, the trial for the Vaughn 17 began for a first trial group.

Throughout the trial, the defendants stood strong in their solidarity and did not implicate each other. In light of this prisoner-led anti-slavery campaign, the Vaughn 17 is proudly poised as an important voice and example in this movement.

Where to send letters:

Obadiah Miller NT0293
Kevin Berry NT0583
John Bramble NT0282
Abednego Baynes NT0594

Mailing address:
Inmate Name, ID Number
Camp Hill State Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 200
Camp Hill, PA 17001

Information about the first trial group:

Statements about the case from the defendants:

Wed, March 13th