Stop the Rheingold Development — Open Meeting

We’ve been working hard in the last snowy weeks to prepare a course of action. Join the Brooklyn Solidarity Network and friendsĀ for this open meeting to get involved in the campaign and help put a stop to the rampant rent increases and destabilization plaguing Bushwick!

Here’s a little background about the project:
The 10 block, ultra expensive Rheingold development has been described by developers as a ‘game-changer’. We recognize that once this development hits Bushwick, the process of gentrification will reach unprecedented heights, forcing more people out and making basic goods expensive.

We have begun a historic campaign to stop this development and help put control of the community into the hands of people who live here.

We invite friends we have been working with, as well as people who have recently learned about it, to this meeting. This will be an opportunity to review the excellent research that’s already been done and plan the next actions.

Saturday, February 6th