Rojava Fundraiser Party

Come dance with us to celebrate the feminism, ecology, and horizontality of the Rojava Revolution!
Live DJ’s!
All proceeds go to support the revolution!
Rebecca’s – 610 Bushwick Ave
$5 to $20 sliding scale
No one turned away for lack of funds

About the Rojava Revolution:
Only a few years ago the most liberatory social project of our day emerged in the Middle East. This region in northern Syria is a decentralized federation of cities and villages. Each neighborhood is organized from the ground up, with an emphasis on local participation through neighborhood councils. Built on the values of feminism and ecology, the movement has created an astonishingly egalitarian society. We encourage everybody who supports liberation over oppression, communalism over authoritarianism, and community life over dictatorships to support what may turn out to be a model for liberation for the entire Middle East and all of humanity.

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