Resistance and Action in the Digital Age


(Workshop/Bring your laptop). Freedom of information and counter Surveillance awareness and strategies for activists.

Paul Feigelfeld (visiting from Berlin) is a crypto and hacking scholar and pioneer of the Refugee Phrasebook collective: “a multilingual tool aiming to empower refugees who just arrived in Europe”. This will be a two-part event: talk and workshop. Paul, Will give a workshop on counter surveillance awareness and strategies for activists. He will also take this opportunity to talk about work that is being developed during today’s refugee crisis in Europe, particularly the Refugee Phrasebook project.

There will be a workshop on cryptology, surveillance intelligence in the digital era that will provide tools for activists’ safe communication strategies. Each person should bring their laptop. We will look at the role of cryptology or the concept of code and explain key historical concepts offering a focus on its use today, protection from surveillance, digital identity and hacking are subjects that will be covered.

There will also be a look “directed towards questions and perspectives of authenticity and the individual in an outlook on the near future, in political, social, and artistic spheres, where things like genetic fingerprints and Bitcoin block chains will very likely become new means of identification and authentication—from passports and bank accounts, online identities, digital labour and communication—as well as the right to be forgotten, freedom of information, and anonymity.”

Sunday, October 4th
6:00 pm