Reading Series: A Small Key Can Open A Large Door


Hot off the presses from Combustion Books, this is the first book about the stateless, revolutionary social experiment in Rojava, an autonomous region to the North of Syria.

Rojava Solidarity NYC has seen how eager people here are for information on the new social structures. This reading group is starting to help spread information about what exactly is happening in Rojava and to pose the question of whether this type of social organization could become the new model for stateless revolutions.

Here is a description of the book:
“Between language barriers, cultural barriers, and an international trade embargo, it can be hard to understand what is happening in Rojava and how to support the people there in their revolution. But in this short book, scholars and militia fighters alike explore and explain the situation in plain language. They discuss the Rojava principles that bind the region together and what it means to be in solidarity with those fighting in Rojava.”

Meet ups will be every other Tuesday to discuss a chapter or two from the book. We’ll be reading the book straight through, but don’t worry if you miss a meeting, we’ll catch you up!

The Base library will have a few copies of the book on hand, but if it’s financially possible, you can purchase the book here:

All profits from the sale of the book will be used to send donated books on anarchism and anti-authoritarian politics to The Mesopotamian Academy: Pirt├╗kek bo Akademiya Mezopotamyay├¬ – Donate a book to Mesopotamia Academy and The People’s Library in Kobane.

Thursday, May 7th
7:00 pm