Rapid Response Network: Mental Health Crisis Training

Join the Rapid Responders Network through this new round of trainings!

From ICE raids across the country to the normalization of police killings to the recent resurgence of Nazi activity and far right attackers, the onus is on us to keep each other alive and safe. We need to unite the resources that we already have and build skills together. We have collaborated with medics, self-defense trainers, Copwatch Bushwick/Bed Stuy, the Brooklyn Defense Committee, and seasoned street teams to create trainings and skill shares this summer, so we can be best prepared to respond when crises surface in our neighborhoods.

11/2 – 7:30pm – Resisting ICE Training
This training will cover the ins and outs of ICE raids and give you the information necessary for helping people facing ICE harassment and deportation.
Presented by Brooklyn Defense Committee

11/4 – 7:30pm – Mental Health Crisis Training
This training will train you in how to de-escalate a situation when a person is having a mental health crisis.
Presented by Aftershock Alliance

11/12 – 7:30pm – Medic Training
This training will cover how to administer basic first aid and supplies list for first aid kits.

Every Thursday at 7pm: Fight Training

Paired with these trainings, we are developing a Rapid Responders hotline which will be a centralized number anyone can call when faced by state repression (police, ICE) or when they are attacked and can’t/ don’t want to call the cops. We will not replicate the measures of statist responses which include trapping survivors in bureaucracies, mass incarceration, deportations, and assassinations. Instead, when someone in a dire situation calls the hotline, they will be connected to neighbors and individuals who are trained to take immediate action, arriving at the scene as first responders, accompanying people in risky situations, or providing resources to create long-term solutions.

We invite you to join this network of First Responders! These trainings will prepare you for situations you may encounter, and introduce you to the team of people taking a stand for the most dire needs of our neighbors.