RAM-NYC Support Through the Walls: C-Murder and Ramsey Orta

This week, as always, we’ll be writing letters to people inside, sending in our zine catalogue and fulfilling zine requests that have already been sent to us.
But this week we will also be sending cards and letters to Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the brutal murder of Eric Garner. He was recently placed in the SHU (solitary) for 60 days so we’d like to brighten his spirits.
We’ll also focus on the rapper, C-Murder, who is incarcerated in Angola Prison in Louisiana. He recently started a hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment in the prison. Angola is one of the most notorious prisons in the country.
RAM – NYC: Support Through the Walls is an abolitionist and anarchist organization that sends revolutionary literature (zines) to US prisoners. We recognize the prison industrial complex as one of the most draconian institutions in the United States and we want to offer our support as solidarity.
For more info on Ramsey Orta check here:
For more on C-Murder check here:
Tuesday, Feb 6