Prison Strike Solidarity Demo at Barclays Center

On Sept 9th prison rebels across the United States have launched a historic #prisonstrike, condemning the perverse nature of 21st century slavery while also addressing the continuation of slave conditions in the US since the antebellum period. In prison today, many prisoners work for no compensation at all, reminiscent of the labor arrangements on the plantations in the southern US. This era of mass incarceration, like Jim Crow, and chattel slavery, is defined by the bondage, trafficking, murder, and degradation of black people. And like Nat Turner, or Gabriel Prosser, rebels in bondage are leading the path toward liberation.

The #prisonstrike has intensified the calls for a new abolitionist movement and revolutionaries around the world have taken heed. The Free Alabama Movement, an autonomous prisoner organization, has called for boycotts and actions targeting corporations and banks that support prison labor. In solidarity with their call we are marching and rallying against several of these businesses. Join us in the streets while we salute the prison rebellion and put pressure on those businesses that are exploiting prisoners, and complicit in the terror and despotism that is 21st century slavery.

Barclays Center
Saturday, October 29th