Palestine Liberation Series — PLO: History of a Revolution

The Palestinian struggle has long been a rallying point for revolutionaries around the world. There are few situations that are so clearly one sided and barbaric, but the Trump regime and the Likud party have brought the situation to a dark precipice. It is in this light that we at RAM-NYC and the Base intend to do a few events to draw attention to the situation and offer solidarity.

This week we are screening three parts of the Al Jazeera documentary PLO: History of a Revolution.

Masters of their own Destiny is the first episode in Al Jazeera’s six-part series on the history of the Palestine Liberation Organization. It looks at the challenges encountered as Palestinians sought to wrest control of their own destiny from Arab regimes and create an independent Palestinian organization that would lead the struggle for a national home.

In the second episode of this six-part series, Al Jazeera looks at the events that led to the PLO’s expulsion from Jordan and the birth of the Black September Organization.

In the third episode  they cover the civil war in Lebanon. In July 1983, fighting broke out in Lebanon between pro- and anti-Arafat forces. The Amal militia and anti-Arafat factions besieged the Palestinian camps in Beirut and southern Lebanon in an on-and-off onslaught that would last three years and become known as the Camps War.

Fri, Feb 2nd