RAM – Tech Security Workshop

This workshop is designed to help revolutionaries understand the implications of their communications and online activities, and to protect themselves from state repression. This workshop is designed to help you […]

NYC ABC: Green Scare(y) Card Writing

It is 2018 and the US government’s war on environmental activists and animal liberationists is still being waged. A couple of years ago NYC ABC and Sacramento Prisoner Support responded with project FANG, […]

Black Liberation Army – RAM Study Group

This week, as part of the Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School, we are reading texts about the Black Liberation Army, which was the clandestine wing of the Black Liberation movement. This […]

NYC ABC: Letter Writing for Ronald Reed

When you pay attention to the news, whether corporate or independent, it is impossible to avoid the realities of Black folks murdered by cops. The state understands the role of […]