Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: RAM Study Group

This week we are reading Hortense Spillers best known work, “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book.” The essay brings together Spillers’ investments in African–American studies, feminist theory, semiotics, and cultural studies to articulate […]

Zapatistas: Crónica de una Rebelión

The two-hour documentary video, Zapatistas, chronicling a rebellion, is a timely recount and update of the Chiapas indigenous uprising. It is not built from extensive interviews, nor to Subcomandante Marcos, nor […]

Conflict Resolution: Building Towards Prison Abolition

In order to abolish prisons, strong social bonds, methods for conflict resolution and community self-defense are vitally important. RAM-NYC invites abolitionist groups and all those looking to build solidarity in […]