No Cops Zones — Copwatch Training


Disarm the NYPD has two immediate organizational goals. We will disarm the police of their guns and we will disarm them as a viable political/military entity in the neighborhoods they occupy. Disarm the NYPD seeks to monitor and pressure police, with the help of local communities and Copwatch groups, until they retreat from over-policed neighborhoods and then maintain these cop-free zones with alternative, community-based forms of conflict resolution.

Copwatches are an integral part of this campaign. This evening please join us to get training on making a copwatch in your neighborhood.

The training will be given by Jose LaSalle of CPU. Here’s what they do:

CPU seek to end police repression through directly monitoring police while they are engaging the public through questioning, detainment, or arrest. CPU spend their time walking the streets, observing police, witnessing and recording police interactions with citizens on camera, video-record, audio-record, and/or paper. CPU concentrate in areas where known trouble making cops are assigned or areas of high police activity (Impact Zones).

Saturday, April 25th
6:00 pm