May Day Noise Demo Against Prisons

This May Day, in the spirit of the Haymarket martyrs, RAM calls for actions in solidarity with those detained in modern-day plantations and in opposition to the barbaric American state.

On May 4, 1886, Chicago Illinois, a bomb was thrown at police who were attempting to disperse the crowd of protestors during a labor demonstration for the 8 hour work day and the previous murder of workers by the police the day before. In retaliation, the police fired on the crowd of demonstrators and a gun battle ensued between the protestors and the police. Eight anarchists were unjustly accused in the aftermath while a wave of state repression towards the labor movement began. This incident, now known as the Haymarket Affair, sparked the annual holiday we call May Day. Ever since, May Day (May 1st) has commemorated the brave resistance of anarchists and other revolutionaries against both capitalism and statehood.

May Day is also a time to express solidarity with those facing state oppression all over the world and in the U.S. prison system. Slavery in the United States never really ended; instead, plantations became prisons, where upwards of 22% of the world’s prisoners are currently held in captivity and forced into labor. The very ideological underpinnings that allow this heinous, racist condition of social death to persist– not to mention the very same human and institutional actors who do so– has resulted in a rapid expansion of immigrant detention in the U.S. What followed was a myriad of senseless deaths forcing those fleeing violence in their home countries to live in makeshift concentration camps, denying access to basic needs, and violating their humanity in general. The violence that immigrants are fleeing currently is a direct result of US imperialism in Central, South America, and the Caribbean. The perpetrators of violence in both instances are the state

RAM stands in solidarity with all exploited and enslaved people around the world. This May Day, we invite you to join us for a noise demo at 275 Atlantic Ave at 7pm. Together with Anarchist Black Cross and Shut it Down NYC, we will put those who are complicit in State violence on notice while letting prisoners know that they are not alone.