Make Care Packages w/ MACC Jail and Court Support!

Come by The Base (1302 Myrtle Ave) Wednesday May 31st at 7PM and help MACC Jail and Court Support (MJAC) make care packages for folks getting out of Central Booking! Going through Central Booking sucks a lot. It’s grueling, degrading, you don’t have your stuff, you might not have an easy way home, you are dealing with the overwhelming might of the state, and your loved ones may be mad at you. We’re making care packages with water, snacks, helpful information and Metrocards.

If you want to come:

Just show up! But if it’s easy, bring any of the following:

-empty metrocards if you see them in the subway so we can load one ride onto each
-snacks – candy bars, granola, whatever
– bottled water, juice, or other drinks
– money, Staples cards, or anything else you can throw in for printing
-spare cigarettes, matches and lighters

What will go in the bags:
-bottled water
-info on finding your stuff at 1PP and where the subway is
-cigarettes and matchbooks
-guidelines on talking to your lawyer
-basic Know Your Rights information

Wednesday, May 31st