Letter Writing to Fate Vincent Winslow — RAM NYC Support Through the Walls

Fate Vincent Winslow was arrested in the fall of 2008 for making $5 commission for delivering $20 worth of weed. The man he was delivering weed to was an undercover cop and Winslow. Three months later Winslow was convicted of selling a Schedule I controlled substance and was given a life sentence with no chance for parole. Fate Winslow, like so many others, are the victims of an anti-black system run amok. He is being housed in the infamous Angola Prison facility in Louisiana, formerly known as Angola Plantations during its earlier history as a slave plantation. Today, the prison is used in the same manner, with hard labor and cotton picking being forced on inmates. Unfortunately, his case is not an anomaly, but this week, RAM-Support Through the Walls wants to highlight his case, and offer this modicum of support.

Write to him:
Fate Vincent Winslow
17544 Tunica Trace
Angola, LA

RAM – NYC: Support Through the Walls is an abolitionist and anarchist organization that sends revolutionary literature to US prisoners. We recognize the prison industrial complex as one of the most draconian institutions in the United States and we want to offer our support as solidarity.
Wednesday, May 16th