Las Sandinistas!

The young Sandinista revolutionaries defeated Somoza, a notoriously despotic and corrupt tyrant, in 1979, taking control of Nicaragua until 1990. For nearly a decade they fought a civil war with the US-backed “Contras,” lost a 1990 election, and then resurfaced in 2006. While up to 30% of the rebel combatants were female (peasants, housewives, and intellectuals), women were systematically denied meaningful roles in the newly formed government. Today, they testify to staggering levels of violence against women in Nicaragua. ¡LAS SANDINISTAS! gives vibrant voice to their story: combining archival footage of teenage girls toting AK-47s with the women they’ve become who declare unequivocally: “We have to make the revolution all over again.”

Friday, April 19th