Jail and Court Support Training

On January 20th, we saw a number of our comrades rounded up and unexpectedly charged with felony riot on the streets of Washington DC during protests of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Because they are our friends and comrades and we supported the protests, we formed a legal support group to help those from New York City who were arrested, and to help comrades facing legal troubles in the future with an expectation that authorities will be treating demos more harshly than in recent memory.
We’ll need help with this! And perhaps you are wondering what you can do immediately if you are at a protest and one of your friends is arrested. Or maybe you see someone arrested at a protest and you might be the only friendly person nearby, and they shouted out their name to you. Where are they taken? When will they be released? Who might need to know that they have been arrested? Should you call a lawyer for them? Should you call the NLG? What do they need? Should you wait for them to get out or go to the courthouse in the morning? Come to our workshop to find out how you can get information and be supportive. Bring your friends so they can learn how to be helpful should you be arrested at a protest. This will likely be the first of several workshops. We’ll have written materials available as well for those who cannot make it or for you to take home.

We are MACC legal support.
from our website macc.nyc/legal:
MACC Legal Support was born specifically out of the state repression faced by NYC comrades who were kettled and arrested, and forced to face brutal conditions of detention on January 20th, 2017, during the massive protests against Trump’s explicitly white supremacist and patriarchal regime. We are expecting an even higher level of repression in the coming months and years, as anarchists and other militants prepare to fight the outright rise of fascism, neo-naziism, and the alt-right. MACC Legal is a committee of the NYC Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, which is organized under the guiding principles of horizontalism, direct democracy and direct action.

Tuesday, March 7th