Fruitvale Station — Film Screening

When Oscar Grant was shot face down on the BART platform on New Years Eve, 2009, nobody could have foreseen that this casual act of brutality by the BART police could have spawned riots, protests, and even set the stage for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Caught on multiple cell phones, the incident was catapulted into living rooms around the country. The police understood the power of the video footage. Cellphones recorded them confiscating onlooker’s phones as Grant lay injured, bleeding out. Of course this action only served to demonstrate their callousness, and highlighted the true nature of policing in America.

Fruitvale Station does a great job bringing to life the last day of Oscar Grant, the people who cared about him and the day-to-day struggles he faced. We show this movie to pay homage to a young person who should still be among us, and also to show the urgency of our work: no one should walk down the street in fear of the waiting bullet in a policeman’s gun.

We copwatch to repel the police aggressors, to put them on the defense, so that they are not at liberty to hurt people. Eventually we hope to push them out of our neighborhoods.

Join us to watch this movie and discuss the role copwatch can play in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Saturday, February 13th
7:00 pm