Fight Training: Women, Trans, Non-Binary & Gender Nonconforming

We said we want peace. We didnt say we don’t know how to fight!

We take self-defense to be a natural characteristic of life. It is not
something to be considered simply in militaristic terms, but in terms of building the relationships between each other that constitute a strong society. As the fighters in Rojava have said, we fight better when we fight in the right way.

We come together and learn together to forge those new relationships, to gain confidence in using our bodies to protect our loved ones and neighbors, and to form communities of resistance against white supremacy and patriarchy.

Many of us have been training independently, and many have expressed a need to increase their skills in this arena. We invite folks to come together to get to know each other better, to help each other learn new techniques and practice old ones.

This is a non-cumulative course, part of our Monday series of fight
trainings. We will be covering the usual areas one would find in a
martial arts class (stretching, conditioning, technique, theory), but in a context that uses the experiences of attendees to shape the direction of the class. The class will focus on creating an inclusive discussion that would allow for each attendee to find their own motivation for their being a part of the class, with the hope that each individual’s motivations and drives will benefit the environment of the class as a whole.

Participants should wear clothing in which they are comfortable
stretching and sweating. We’ll have equipment on hand, but if you have gloves, mitts, hand wraps, jump ropes, or anything that could be useful, please bring it along. Let’s work it out!

This class will meet every other Monday!

Monday, June 5th