Fight Training: 1st Hour Beginner, 2nd Hour Intermediate

As the fighters in Rojava have said, we fight better when we fight in the right way – the right way in this case is with the solid relationships between folks. So many of us have been training independently, and many have expressed a need to increase their skills in this arena. We invite folks to come together to get to know each other better, to help each other learn new techniques and practice old ones.

This will be a fight training skillshare. Two trainers will be present to facilitate, but we also encourage people to come who are trained in other fighting arts. We can exchange skills and knowledge and practice together. Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

This will be a practical workshop. Come ready to do calisthenics, other exercises and practice fight techniques.
Wear something comfortable to work out in. If you have some, you can bring: hand wraps, boxing gloves, mitts, jump ropes, or other equipment that could be useful.

We’ll be meeting every Thursday evening following this schedule:
Every 1st Thursday: 1 hour beginnger, 1 hour intermediate
Every 2nd Thursday: 1 hour beginnger, 1 hour intermediate
Every 3rd Thursday: Women, Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Folks
Every 4th Thursday: Tactical Applications

Thursday, August 11th