07:00 PM
March 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

To keep our most vulnerable friends and neighbors safe and healthy, we are avoiding most in-person meetups these next few weeks. Thankfully, you can still support people who are imprisoned by writing letters from home! Snuggle up with a note pad and take a few minutes to reach out to someone in prison.

This week, we are writing to Robert Williams, who is currently locked up on Rikers Island. Robert is being charged with attacking NYPD officers, shooting at them in a police van and at a precinct in the Bronx. In an example of law enforcement using its most brutal physical and legal force to avenge its own, Robert was viciously beaten during his arrest, and he was indicted on a total of 52 counts, ensuring a sentence of death by prison.

Robert spent nearly half his life incarcerated, going in and out of prison and fighting against addiction. His mother said the criminal legal system had failed to prepare her son for a healthy life after two decades in prison. When Robert’s 18 year old son died, the trauma was immeasurable. Robert expressed his defiance against the systems of oppression that have harmed him, and named the police as the most tangible arm of that system. During his arraignment in February, his family called to him, “Robert, we love you!” Let’s join them in sending him our solidarity and support.

To write to Robert, you can address your letter to:

Robert Williams, #2412000294
North Infirmary Command, DOC
15-00 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Some important information:

Robert has not yet gone to trial, and is still fighting his case. DO NOT write anything in your letter that could work against him. Avoid discussing his charges and the alleged incidents altogether. We are simply writing to him to let him know he is loved, and not forgotten.

You are encouraged to use a nickname when signing your letter, and you can use the Support Through the Walls return address (113 Stockholm St, Brooklyn 11221) to ensure your own privacy.

Share your letter online! Take a photo of your envelope before sending it out and tag it with #SupportThroughTheWalls #StayAtHomeSolidarity #RobertWilliams