07:00 PM

January 11, 07:00 PM

NYC Anarchist Assembly

January 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

We are witnessing a period of incredible social upheaval around the world. The US is not exempt from the political tension and the potential for conflict and substantial change seems more real than ever. In NYC, we also have an extremely tense political situation, with the expansion of the jail system, the ever spreading gentrification, and the largest and most brutal police forces in the country.

With this in mind we are calling for a recurring NYC anarchist assembly to build, strategize and create a formidable anarchist movement in the city that can grapple with the political problems in NY and internationally.

We have charted out a few principles of agreement.

  • As anarchists we believe in the abolition of the United States as political entity.
  • We are actively striving for revolution and not reform, and we will achieve this by any means necessary.
  • The destruction of prisons and prison slavery are an immediate aim, and as such we root our struggle in the abolitionist tradition.
  • We are against the state and electoralism, and for collective commune based resistance to these mechanisms of control.
  • We actively engage and promote internationalist, anti-capitalist solidarity with revolutionary movements and groups around the world.

Please come to our first assembly as we chart a new revolutionary path in the city!