Memorial for Anarchist Struggle Fighter Tekoşer Piling

April 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Memorial for Anarchist Struggle Fighter Tekoşer Piling

On Monday, March 18, anarchist Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) fell martyr in Baghouz, the last territorial stronghold in Deir Ezzor. He fought as a member of Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle) and was a companion of Tikko. Orignally from Florence, Italy, he fought in Rojava for a year and a half, including in defense of the Turkish invasion of Afrin. We are meeting to honor his life and the example he set for revolutionaries around the world. Please join us as we commemorate Tekoşer! Şehid namirin!

RAM Statement Below

On Monday March 18th, anarchist Lorenzo (Orso) Orsetti, nom de guerre Tekoşer Piling, fell while fighting in Baghouz, as a member of the unit Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle). He fought in Afrin and Deir Ezzor, and helped build the only anarchist unit in Rojava.

As fascism entrenches ever deeper in states and territories around the world, and takes pleasure in subjugating, killing, and torturing, there are few movements that understand the implications and have risen to the occasion. In Rojava, we have seen a beautiful display of community defense against the terrors inflicted by Daesh, despite state-based sponsorship of their massacres.

In this, as in all anti-fascist and humanistic struggles, the role for internationalism is paramount. Domination is aided by the artificial partitions that divide those who would be living harmoniously: from the borders of nation-states to the categorization (and subsequent demonization) of ethnicities and religions. The reconnection between people struggling for a better world begins with the selfless solidarity of people like Lorenzo Orsetti, who traveled to Rojava to participate in this fight.

Anarchist groups with sincere intentions must operate in the shadows; therefore, we will often never know the bravery of an individual, until such a moment as this. Lorenzo’s journey and participation was far from individualistic, yet it is exemplary for this time in history. Not many anarchists have heeded the call to arms, as they have in decades past. As such, those anarchists who step forward from nascent movements, deciding to put their lives at risk for others, deserve a special recognition.

As he affirms in his goodbye statement, “I wish all of you all the best in the world and I hope that one day, you too will decide to give your life for others (if you haven’t already) because that is the only way to change the world. Only by overcoming the individualism and selfishness in each of us can we make a difference.”

While we mourn the loss of a militant whose selflessness, comradeliness, bravery, and commitment made a massive impact on his comrades, we have no doubt that, by following his wishes, we will not only carry him on, but also propel the movement further. His actions during life have raised the bar for anarchists worldwide, and we pledge that his words will be a torch for the movement and an inspiration for all who struggle for a better world. His sacrifice deepens our commitment.

RAM sends a revolutionary salute to this brave fighter and our heartfelt condolences to his friends, family, and all those he touched along his path.