08:30 PM

August 15, 08:30 PM

Film: Tenants For Sale

August 15, 2014 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

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This film documents the resistance of a tenants’ group living in a building on Stolarska Street in Poznan, Poland. After many years and thanks to direct action, the tenants managed to expose the shady business of illegal and brutal evictions, performed at the request of banks and homeowners by the so-called “tenement cleaners.”

The house on Stolarska Street is just one example of a global problem. The housing politics of today–where tenants are treated as products and are sold with the buildings–have reached extreme levels of dehumanization and require even more radical forms of defense. Stolarska Street house became a symbol of the struggle with the “housing mafia” –which is closely tied in with the state.

The filmmakers wanted to not only depict the struggle around the Stolarska Street house as an isolated case, but to create a wider debate on these issues–to think not only about the reasons for action, but also of the results.

The film was made by an independent film group Kontrplan from Poznan, Poland. Some members of the group will be at the Friday screening in person for questions and discussion.