12:00 PM
November 10, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

A comrade currently on the ground in Chile will call in to talk about the ongoing uprisings!

After a week of mass fare evasion on the metro service before the public transport fare increase, multiple instances of individual and collective disobedience resulted in the destruction of infrastructure and confrontations with the police forces inside and outside the metro stations, spreading throughout various parts of the city of Santiago during the month of October.

The right-wing government of Sebastián Piñera has responded to the uprisings with a heavy hand: using tear gas and rubber bullets on crowds, kidnapping and torturing people, and declaring a State of Emergency. More than 2000 people have been arrested and more than 15 people have been murdered, as well as an indeterminate number of people reported missing.

Yet the protests in Chile are still unbroken. Every afternoon thousands gather in Santiago without being explicitly called upon to do so. The demonstration is then attacked by the police – which often leads to street battles and expropriations. Attacks on government buildings, banks and raiding supermarkets and branches, continue throughout the country. The resistance to repression is strong: police now report almost 1000 injured in their ranks, 87 of them seriously. In the south of the country, people are beheading, destroying or remodeling statues of Spanish conquerors.

This is a popular uprising that rejects the legacy of the far right in the country, from conquistadors to Pinochet to the current far right regime. As the demonstrations continue, and neighborhoods become more organized, there is much anticipation about where this uprising will lead.

Join us for a call in presentation by an anarchist participating in the uprisings in Chile right now, a look at the context of far left struggles in Chile and a discussion about the role of uprisings in revolutionary change.