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Let the Fire Burn

Let the Fire Burn is composed entirely with archival footage yet unfurls with the tension of a thriller. Jason Osder’s documentary recounts the steps that led to a horrific massacre on May 13, 1985, when a longtime feud between the “authorities” in Philadelphia and the revolutionary group MOVE came to a deadly climax. Formed in 1972 as a “back to nature” commune by the charismatic leader John Africa, MOVE members took the same surname in honor of their ancestral homeland, wore their hair in dreadlocks, shunned technology, and promoted a diet of raw food. Living together in a home in West Philadelphia, MOVE’s radical lifestyle lead to conflicts and clashes with the occupying police force. In 1978, this resulted in […]

May Day Noise Demo Against Prisons

This May Day, in the spirit of the Haymarket martyrs, RAM calls for actions in solidarity with those detained in modern-day plantations and in opposition to the barbaric American state. On May 4, 1886, Chicago Illinois, a bomb was thrown at police who were attempting to disperse the crowd of protestors during a labor demonstration for the 8 hour work day and the previous murder of workers by the police the day before. In retaliation, the police fired on the crowd of demonstrators and a gun battle ensued between the protestors and the police. Eight anarchists were unjustly accused in the aftermath while a wave of state repression towards the labor movement began. This incident, now known as the Haymarket […]

NYC ABC: Letter Writing Dinner for Ramsey Orta

For well over a decade, NYC ABC has organized around the idea of keeping anarchists involved in political prisoner organizing and political prisoner support communities working with anarchists. This weekend, we are co-sponsoring a talk by Lenny Foster about Leonard Peltier, while also supporting fund raisers for Books Through Bars and Ramsey Orta. We are one part of a movement to free our folks and see the end of prisons. Until those days come, we provide every other week support via political prisoner letter-writing dinners. This week, we focus on Ramsey Orta. Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner by NYPD cops. The video traveled far, but it wouldn’t get justice for Ramsey’s dead friend. Instead, the NYPD has exacted their revenge through targeted harassment and eventually imprisonment — Orta’s punishment for […]

Dance Party Fundraiser For Ramsey Orta

Starr Bar, 214 Starr St, Brooklyn Friday, April 26 9pm Ramsey Orta filmed the murder of Eric Garner by the NYPD. The police have tormented him ever since. After a campaign of targeted harassment, the NYPD eventually managed to incarcerate him, and he remains in custody still to this day. We at RAM-NYC have organized this fundraiser dance party to support Ramsey Orta’s commissary fund as he finishes his prison term. Join us and Dj Roger Smith at Starr Bar! Learn more about Ramsey’s situation here:

Russian Anarchist Solidarity Film and Card Signing: RAM NYC STTW

Since 2017 persecutions against anarchists in Russia have intensified. Over the last two years Russian security services have initiated eight criminal cases within Russia and the occupied Crimea and filed charges against over 20 anarchists. And these are just the publicly known cases. Most people in these cases were first abducted by FSB agents who tortured them by electrocution and beat them up, sometimes for several days, and then brought them to court after getting the testimonies they needed. Most charges are of participating in or organizing terrorist activities, preparing terrorist attacks and/or justifying terrorism. Now anarchists in Russia need solidarity and support more than ever! On Wednesday 04/24 we will see a documentary film “Network,” which is about the […]

Las Sandinistas!

The young Sandinista revolutionaries defeated Somoza, a notoriously despotic and corrupt tyrant, in 1979, taking control of Nicaragua until 1990. For nearly a decade they fought a civil war with the US-backed “Contras,” lost a 1990 election, and then resurfaced in 2006. While up to 30% of the rebel combatants were female (peasants, housewives, and intellectuals), women were systematically denied meaningful roles in the newly formed government. Today, they testify to staggering levels of violence against women in Nicaragua. ¡LAS SANDINISTAS! gives vibrant voice to their story: combining archival footage of teenage girls toting AK-47s with the women they’ve become who declare unequivocally: “We have to make the revolution all over again.” Friday, April 19th 7pm