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Countering Gentrification

Join us this Thursday, 3.13, for Chapter 2 of Neil Smith’s New Urban Frontiers (don’t worry if you havent read the first chapter!): We’ll also look at The Bushwick Initiative:

The Grand Opening of the Lucy Parsons Library

The long-awaited, heavily anticipated library at The Base, known as The Lucy Parsons Library is finally opening! Please join us for an evening of festivities and celebrations to kick it off. Hear a talk about the great anarchist Lucy Parsons. And for the first time ever, issuing library cards for people who would like to check out books! Eat, drink , celebrate with us and bring some new ideas and research to the struggles you are engaged in. A little knowledge in the study going a long way in the streets! This library opening is part of month-long festivities and programming in support of our fundraiser drive. The Base is looking to raise $1,000 a month which will sustain […]

The Hunt Saboteurs Presents Rod Coronado

Friday, February 28th, at 8:30 pm come to a talk with Rod Coronado The Hunt Saboteurs will be holding a speaking tour with Rod Coronado to raise awareness on the Wolf Hunts, Hunt Saboteurs and other topics happening now. We ask that anyone planning to video or record the presentations please make that known and get it cleared first. Some background on Rod- In 1986, Rod and another activist, David Howitt, sank two ships, the Hvalur 6 and Hvalur 7, accounting for half of Iceland’s whaling fleet. Before scuttling the ships, Coronado and Howitt caused $2 million worth of damage to the Icelandic whaling station. In 1995 Rod Coronado was convicted on felony charges for an arson attack on a […]

US Premiere: “Future Suspended”

‘Future Suspended’ is a documentary of the research project It is a film on Athens and crisis, starting from the days of the 2004 Olympics to the current authoritarian complex, the film explains how the capitalist crisis was manufactured in the city of Athens in order to create the conditions of exception in Greece. Q&A will follow. It is being screened for the first time this week in 6 countries. * Filmed and edited by Ross Domoney Co-edited and script by Jaya Klara Brekke * Music composed, performed and recorded by Giorgos Triantafyllou * Assistant editing by Antonis Vradis, Christos Filippidis and Dimitris Dalakoglou * Research by Christos Filippidis, Dimitris Dalakoglou and Antonis Vradis * Produced by Ross Domoney, […]

Introduction to Anarchism

The next Introduction to Anarchism reading series is on Friday, February 14th at 6 pm. We’re going to read some texts about illegalist anarchism! Doug Imrie, “Illegalists” Emile Armand, “Is the Illegalist Anarchist our Comrade” Secondary reading: If you have time this is one of the best illegalists texts out there about the Bonnot Gang.

Countering Gentrification

Living in New York City right now we all have a direct experience of the so-called gentrification process. While questions swirl in radical communities about individual participation in the process, forces of capital, civic policy, and private development plow on toward further rent hikes, displacement, and entrenched policing strategies. This group will seek to analyze these forces and their application in specific detail by reading the book ‘The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the Revanchist City’ by Neil Smith. This book will cover historical instances such as the battle for the Lower East Side and Harlem, and look at historical shifts that have created the moment we are working with. For each meeting we will read one chapter (about 30 […]