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Eric McDavid: Over Ten Years To Talk About

Hosted by NYC Anarchist Black Cross and The Base Eric McDavid, a former anarchist prisoner, will be talking about ten plus years of experiences including federal prison time, the post release period, and moving forward. Eric will discuss the importance of supporting political prisoners along with so much more. If you are in the area, please come, check it out and tell a friend! In the six month span between when his first and second co-defendants took deals to cooperate with federal authorities and testify against Eric, he started down a long road as an anarchist prisoner. If being charged with “conspiracy to damage and destroy property by fire and explosive” and utilizing an entrapment defense, it doesn’t make things any easier if […]

Rapid Responders: ICE Raids and Resisting Hate Attacks

From ICE raids across the country to the normalization of police killings to the recent resurgence of Nazi activity and far right militias, the onus is on us to keep each other alive and safe. We need to unite the resources that we already have and build skills together. We have collaborated with medics, self-defense trainers, Copwatch Bushwick/Bed Stuy, the Brooklyn Defense Committee, and seasoned street teams to create trainings and skill shares this summer, so we can be best prepared to respond when crises surface in our neighborhoods. 8/13 – 3pm – Resisting ICE Training This training will cover the ins and outs of ICE raids and give you the information necessary for helping people facing ICE harassment anddeportation. […]

Fight Training: 1st Hour Beginner, 2nd Hour Intermediate

As the fighters in Rojava have said, we fight better when we fight in the right way – the right way in this case is with the solid relationships between folks. So many of us have been training independently, and many have expressed a need to increase their skills in this arena. We invite folks to come together to get to know each other better, to help each other learn new techniques and practice old ones. This will be a fight training skillshare. Two trainers will be present to facilitate, but we also encourage people to come who are trained in other fighting arts. We can exchange skills and knowledge and practice together. Beginners are welcome and encouraged! This will […]

Silvia Federici presents: Our Mother Ocean and Family, Welfare and the State

In a time of profound economic and ecological crisis, Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Monica Chilese’s Our Mother Ocean (Common Notions, 2014) is a long-overdue reminder that the ocean is an integral terrain of struggle for the preservation of dignity and life. The book’s translator, longtime feminist author and activist Silvia Federici, presents the ocean as a site of many struggles and many commons and tells the story of the Fisherman’s Movement from its beginnings in Southern India to its central role in the struggle against neoliberal globalization. Mariarosa Dalla Costa’s Family, Welfare, and the State (Common Notions, 2015) reflects on the history of struggles around the New Deal and the Great Depression in which workers’ initiatives forced a new relationship with the state on the terrain of social reproduction. Renowned feminist […]

Stop the Rheingold Development — Open Meeting

We’ve been working hard in the last snowy weeks to prepare a course of action. Join the Brooklyn Solidarity Network and friends for this open meeting to get involved in the campaign and help put a stop to the rampant rent increases and destabilization plaguing Bushwick! Here’s a little background about the project: The 10 block, ultra expensive Rheingold development has been described by developers as a ‘game-changer’. We recognize that once this development hits Bushwick, the process of gentrification will reach unprecedented heights, forcing more people out and making basic goods expensive. We have begun a historic campaign to stop this development and help put control of the community into the hands of people who live here. We invite friends […]

Deporten a la Migra!

Nueva York tiene la segunda mayor población de inmigrantes en todo el país. En momentos como ahora, cuando ICE ha comenzado el nuevo año haciendo redadas , debemos usar el tamaño de nuestra comunidad como una fuente de poder para construir y desarrollar estrategias a contra ICE . Este taller se dividirá en 2 partes : La primera va ser un entrenamiento sobre sus derechos en caso de una redada. La segunda parte vamos a desarollar estrategias en como resistir a ICE en nuestra comunidad. Vamos a tener traduccion en ingles y español. New York has the 2nd highest immigrant population in the entire country. At a time when ICE has started the New Year with raids, we must use […]