Anti-Fascist Report Back on the Malheur Refuge Occupation

After three and half weeks, on Tuesday evening a number of the far-right activists leading the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon were arrested, and one was killed.

Why did rightist paramilitaries chose to go to Burns to capitalize on local discontent? What does Patriot movement organizing look like in Oregon and the region? How was right-wing organizing set up in the months leading up to the occupation? What was the relation between the refuge occupation and armed factions who flooded the town, and how did they try to set up a shadow government? Why did the feds treat the occupation with such kids’ gloves?

Spencer Sunshine spent several days in Burns and has written a number of articles about the occupation, and he has been writing about and tracking Patriot movement organizing in Oregon since spring 2015 (see 

Friday, February 5th
7:00 pm