Anarchist Participation in the Rojava Revolution: #RiseUp4Rojava

The Rojava Revolution has taken the revolutionary left by storm. With it’s foundation in Democratic Confederalism: the proposal of local councils, worker-run cooperatives, feminism, and generalized defense, anarchists in particular were reignited by the propagation of their ideals and inspired by a pragmatic revolutionary example.

Over the course of the struggle in Rojava, international anarchists have come to the region, much like in Spain during the Civil War, to join their comrades in arms to fight for the revolution. In this presentation, we will discuss anarchist participation in the revolution and how anarchist militants have pushed an anti-state, egalitarian politic in the midst of a complex war rife with global power struggles and state forces.

Anarchists have helped chart a path against the State form and opened up possibilities for revolutionaries around the world, and in this presentation we will look at this recent history and current practice. We will also learn how we can go forward as a movement.

Saturday, January 26th