Anarchism in the Mexican Revolution — Circled (A) History Series

The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) is a significant event in anarchist history.  Though the complex series of events collectively known as the Revolution could not be called anarchist as a whole, anarchists and anarchist ideas played significant roles throughout the Revolution, which in turn had a significant impact on the movement internationally. Anarchists with the PLM helped spark the initial flame of the revolution, and Zapata’s guerrillas were influenced by anarchist ideals, adopting the Magonista slogan “Tierra y Libertad” as their battle cry. International radicals supported their Mexican comrades through solidarity and mutual aid, and international IWW’s and other radicals volunteered and fought in the Revolution. The struggles against capitalism, autocracy, colonialism, and for anarchist-communism, women’s liberation, and indigenous autonomy all intersected in one of the first major uprisings of the modern era. To this day revolutionaries in Mexico and around the world are inspired by the legacies of the original Zapatistas and Magonistas and the tens of thousands of others who rose up to try to shake off the chains of state, church, and capital.

We’ll examine these events and ideas and their relevance to struggles today, from Chiapas to Rojava to Brooklyn and beyond…

‘Adelante,  compañeros.    Pronto   escucharéis  los primeros  disparos;  pronto  lanzarán  el  grito   de   rebeldía   los   oprimidos.    Que  no haya  uno solo  que  deje  de  secundar  el  movimiento,  lanzando  con toda  la  fuerza  de  la  convicción   este  grito   supremo;  Tierray  Libertad!’ -Regeneración (11/19/1910)

Thursday, March 29th