500 years of struggle and resistance in Mexico


For more than 500 years, the indigenous pueblos of Mexico have been resisting, and continue in struggle. For more than 500 years, while displacement, exploitation, disregard and repression persist, we keep on saying YA BASTA! ENOUGH!

In 1994, while President Salinas was celebrating the beginning of another new year, the year in which the infamous NAFTA would begin and with that, the consolidation of the capitalist system with the new neoliberal proposal in Mexico, a group of rebel indigenous peoples from southeast Mexico appeared, forever changing the history of Mexico and the world. The EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) would burst onto the scene and into the Mexican reality and consciousness with the cry of YA BASTA! WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! and from that moment on, a new era of struggle for the Mexican pueblos would begin, becoming the greatest example of resistance against the capitalist system in the world today.

Today, our reality, our world seem increasingly more catastrophic. It seems that finding alternatives to truly build another world is more and more difficult and challenging. La Universidad de la Tierra (University of the Earth) from Oaxaca, Mexico and the collective Veredas Autonomas (Autonomous Trails), together with The Base extend the invitation to this encuentro where we will revisit the historic path of social struggle in Mexico that has brought us to today and to the current Zapatista struggle. We invite you to an open space of discussion, reflection and idea exchange, using the history of Mexican struggle and the Zapatista struggle for the construction of autonomy as a framework, seeing this as the clearest example we have today of another reality possible, to believe that it is truly possible to build a way of life different than the capitalist one.