Rent is Theft Lauch Party

Rent is Theft is a new anarchist publication with the goal of combating private property ownership in Brooklyn and beyond. The idea for this publication was born out a desire […]

NYC Anarchist Black Cross has a New Home!

Our friends at NYC Anarchist BLack Cross are moving to the Base! November 11th is their next letter writing. There will be an update soon. Check here to learn more […]

Cornelius Castoriadis Study Group

Group meets every other Wednesday to discuss writings by Castoriadis, philosopher, economist, psychoanalyst, revolutionary. For this meeting, we discuss the first two parts of “Marxism and Revolutionary Theory,” in The […]

Pyschoanalysis and Politics

Reading group meets every other Wednesday to discuss psychoanalytical texts and their political implications. This session we discuss “Psychoanalysis and Politics” by Cornelius Castoriadis, in World in Fragments. Photocopies available […]